Huddersfield Land Acquisition work in the private housing sector, sourcing and developing imaginative homes in prime locations.
We are renowned within the development industry for being able to maximise land values by means of optimal site layout and value engineering.
We make very competitive offers for land and have a close relationship with multiple developers.
If you have land you can trust us to get you the best deal.
You can retain us to help fulfil all of your land and property requirements.
We are experts at working-up optimal schemes and structuring offers to win bids and openly tendered opportunities for you. We also provide access to off-market opportunities.
Our specialisms include… Site and development appraisal, Housing layout, mix, density and design advice, Scheme optimisation, value-engineering, & Development viability


Unique Development Opportunities

Our expertise lies in gaining off-market opportunities and creating optimal proposals in order to win bids and openly tendered sites. The best development only occurs when perfect land is gained on the right terms for the client. We act on behalf of landowners, developers and occupiers to provide a service for our clients that extracts the very best value through the methods of extensive market research, advice on the best values and mix of uses, types of units, sizes and mix, cost control and value engineering to get the very best possible from each opportunity in terms of reaching its greatest potential, profitability and land / end use value. For landowners, we always ensure that the property generates its maximum value. We provide indicative schemes and make sure you always win the necessary planning permission. The key areas we evaluate for off-market, tendered or land-sale circumstances encompass:

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